My name is Priyanka Khadse, an Information Technology professional and a hobbyist cook. I could experience the diversity of Indian culture right from my childhood as I got a chance to spend time in different states of India due to nature of my father’s job. I was always surrounded by people from different regions and communities since I was young.  I was fortunate to taste food from different regions of India because of this and I believe this is where my love for food started.

I stepped in to the kitchen when I was about 8 years old and have been experimenting with food since then. Cooking became my hobby and eventually passion.  My professional life started in the year 2012 after pursuing a bachelor’s degree in engineering.  I immediately started working for one of the top IT consulting firms in India and still working for it. But, my passion for cooking was strong and I always wanted to do something significant in this area; thus, we started our venture The Terrace Kitchen.

The Terrace Kitchen is a small mobile kitchen setup in our terrace where we shoot our recipes and share them with food lovers like you. When this thought came to my mind, I teamed up with my Husband and started working on beautification of our terrace. The colors, artefacts and decoration was designed and executed by us to shape our dream. After spending almost 8 weeks, we were ready with our terrace and were geared up for shooting our first video.

We started realizing complications of video production as soon as we started working on our first video. Figuring out camera was relatively simple because of my Husband’s interest in photography; however, the process of video editing was proving to be a challenge. Overcoming our challenges, we managed to post our first video on 29-Sep-2016.

Since then, we are constantly working on intuitive recipes and videos for home cooks with a hope of sharing my love for cooking and food with our viewers.

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